Flexible Solutions for Preserving Memories

Unlike other programs on the market, the My Yesterday software takes the work off your hands. The automated technology writes and generates an individualized narrative based off of family-provided information. As users progress through a series of questions, My Yesterday identifies significant facts and weaves together a story.

To begin the process of creating your My Yesterday please contact us by FILLING OUT THE FORM or emailing us at info@myyesterday.net.

login to your account

Access to the system is given via your local funeral home or by calling 1.866.282.7434. Once you receive an email with your password simply type your email address in as your username and enter your password. You are now ready to start creating your My Yesterday book.

Download the attached form to setup an account. Once you have filled out all fields, save the form, then click choose file and send.

insert personal information

The program is simple to navigate through and allows you to customize what was important in the life of the honoree.

begin with chapters

My Yesterday chapters allow you to capture an entire life; from younger years through the later years and allows you to associate pictures with each stage of life.

choose your categories

Select the categories you would like to include within your My Yesterday and hit continue. The system will ask you questions regarding each in order to write your My Yesterday.

the menu

With simple navigation you can easily write a story, upload images to create a slideshow, picture book or My Yesterday.