Paul L. Henney, Jr

Paul L. Henney, Jr.

Paul is a 1979 graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. in Biology. In the fall of 1979 following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Paul enrolled in the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science. After graduating in 1980, he immediately took up his internship with his father, Paul L. Henney, Sr.

Paul took over the Bethel Park family business in 1981 at the young age of 24. Endeavoring to grow the business, Paul started a pre-paid funeral program and began to actively market and sell preneed funerals. In 1993, Paul made his first funeral home acquisition and continued the expansion; buying 8 funeral homes in total and growing the call volume to well over 600 cases per year.

In 2010, Paul initiated an effort with his team to create an innovative new product that served the needs of the funeral industry and provided support to families and friends within the community. Through extensive research and six years of software programming, My Yesterday was developed.