Myyesterday.net helped me capture the story of my husband’s life so I can now share his memories and the impact he had on my life with my grandchildren. The steps to creating his My Yesterday were easy to follow, I can’t thank John enough for providing me with the opportunity to use such a simple tool that will provide my family and I a book we will treasure forever.

– Joan

Using Myyesterday.net was so clear and easy. I loved the picture book that allowed me to use captions to explain what was happening in each photo.

– Jodi

Reading the story of my grandfather’s life meant so much to me. Although I never got to meet my grandfather, I feel like I know exactly what was important to him and why he is so sorely missed by my grandmother and all who knew him. Thank you so much for creating a product like this.

– Kathy

Your product is incredible. My Yesterday was easy to use and allowed me to easily capture what was important in my mother’s life. It’s a book that will become one of my family’s most prized possessions.

– Brian

Your edit tool is fantastic. It allowed me to really personalize the story about my husband. What a great idea!

– Barbara

The Short Story that Patrick gave to us helped make Bob’s funeral ceremony so meaningful. I  just wished we had this when my mother passed.  Thanks so much Patrick!

– Betty

I have been looking for something like this for years, and finally someone created it!  I am not a proficient writer and My Yesterday made this effort easy and fun.

– Joan

Never having the opportunity to really know my great grandparents, I just hope that my great grandchildren and beyond can read, learn and relate to their families’ stories!

– Nicholas

I will treasure this book forever.  To me, life is all about “the story”.  My Yesterday captures and records forever, exactly that.  Wow.

– Carole

I really enjoyed the time I spent doing the My Yesterday on my husband, Glenn. It helped to hear what our family memories were.

– Joyce